Wednesday, 20 November 2013

1 more sleep till camp!

The Skyhawks are super excited about having their overnight camp tomorrow.

These are the things that they are looking forward to most:

"Going to the pools" - Kruz
"Surfing on the beach" - Ayush
"Going on the beach and enjoying myself" - Aloma
"Going to the beach" - Charlie
"Doing all the activities" - Natalie and Dans
"Sleeping at school and people having fun together" - Natalie
"Having a BBQ" - Dans
"Having a sausage sizzle, and dessert and supper!" - Kruz
"Movie night" - Paige
"Having fun, and doing backstroke in the pool" - Christian
"Having a sausage sizzle" - Isaiah
"Going to the beach" - Amberly
"Going to the beach and sleeping over at school" - Russia
"Doing cooking and eating yummy food" - Anna
"Having fun and trying new things" - Jahkayla
"Everything!" - Merekara
"Having fun at the beach and learning new games" - Deanne
"Having fun in the pool" - Jay

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