Friday, 16 August 2013

Friday 16th August

Today Counties Manukau Sports are coming to Rowandale 
The Innovative Aviators are going to have a 'Have a Go Sports Day!'

We had so much fun.

First we tried: Fundamental Movement Skills

 This helped us learn new skills that we could use in other sports.

Next we had a turn at playing touch.
 We had to use the Habit of Mind of 'Working with Others'.

Then we tried Soccer, otherwise known as football.
 We use our 'Prior Knowledge' of other games and applied them to these games.

Then we played Softball with Coach Ellie.
 We all enjoyed batting and using the mits to help us with our fielding.

Lastly we tried basketball.
We learnt the rules to play basketball properly.
1. Dribbling
2. Passing
3. Shooting
4. Working as a team

Todays mindful award goes to...


Congratulations Anahera :)


  1. Amazing! It looks like you had so much fun last Friday! What were your favourite sports that you got to try?

    1. "I enjoyed all of them Mr Wiseman" - Presley
      "My favourite sport was touch" - Anna
      "We had so much fun at touch" - Jahkayla
      "I loved playing basketball" - Natalie
      "I like playing soccer" - Russia
      "I loved playing touch because we worked as a team and we made a plan togther" - Dans
      "I liked playing softball because we got to learn how to bat and how to catch with a glove" - Ayush

      We had a vote as a class and touch was our favourite!

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