Thursday, 4 April 2013

Skyhawks Wheelies Recount
WALT: sequence our ideas in time order.

On Wednesday the Skyhawks went on the wheelies for the first time because they belong to the High Flyers. They use them with pride and they take good care of them. That's why they never break them. Written by Presley

On Wednesday the Skyhawks went to the wheelies. I rode on a skateboard, it was fun. I tried to do cool tricks and I did some good riding. I liked it. One time I fell over by accident. But I got up and didn't even cry. Then I kept on riding. After that we went to class.
Written by Alysea

On Wednesday Mrs Bayliss let us ride on the wheelies and we got to sit outside. The Mrs Bayliss told us the rules an we got in twos. Then we went to go by the fence and Mrs Bayliss took some pictures. Then we had to go to the other side of the courts and then we had to out them away.
Written by Jahkayla

On Wednesday morning the Skyhawks got to ride on the wheelies. First Skyhawks went and lined up. Then we got to choose a partner. Natalie chose Amberly to go with her. I chose Jahkayla. Me and Jahkayla chose to use the ripstick. She was good at riding on the ripsticks, I was bad. We had to take turns on the ripstick and I had to wait until she was finished. Afterwards we had to put the wheelies away and line up nicely before we went back to class.
Written by Anna

On Wednesday morning the Skyhawks were allowed to go on the wheelies. On the wheelies I was excited to go on but I fell off. After that we changed the equipment and we got to go on different equipment. Next we tried it but it wasn't very easy for me. Then I went on the unicycle. Finally we went to class.
Written by Paige

On Wednesday morning the Skyhawks went to play on the wheelies becasue Mrs Bayliss let the Skyhawks ride on them. We were using them to help us with our writing. First we lined up and walked outside and sat down on the ground. Next we listened to Mrs Bayliss so we knew what to do. After that Mrs Bayliss picked children who were sitting up nicely and listening and following instructions. When she picked us we had to have a buddy to take turns with. I enjoyed riding on the wheelies.
Written by Pheonix T

On Wednesday morning the Skyhawks got a turn on the wheelies. My teacher told us to sit on the ground by the wheelies. I rode on the unicycle at the wall. Then when I was finished I rode the scooter and then we went to the classroom. Finally it was Room 15s turn.
Written by Russia

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